Fantastic  Agnetha A Cards from Even Ombostord, again this Collection deserves its own Page, Very Well done Even

Hello I am a guy from middle of Norway

Living on the coast. Music has been my passion since youth.I Have been a fan of the group ABBA since the mid 70's.

After that they went their separate ways,

I have Followed  their solo careers and musical projects.

including ABBAs music, ladies harmonies, Benny Anderssons musical legacy from the the old masters and

Bj√∂rn Ulveus conveys art and ability from the mysterious, melancholy  of love.... strange acts. Sometimes fragile and beautiful, while sometimes rejected and tearful. strange acts. Sometimes fragile and beautiful,while sometimes rejected and tearful.

I will always have those group deeply rooted in my heart.

I think it's very pleasant to get in touch with other

who have a common interest in the music of ABBA both from my own country and from abroad.

Even Steinar

Some weeks ago, I sat down and started collecting the very best pictures from Agnetha promotion for "A"I made my own design for them in one of my photo applications, I made those in the form of postcards, promotion cards, or collect cards. These were printed onphoto paper, cut out and laminated by hand.

A "time-consuming" work, but made out of the joy I felt after the lady has now created thisnew album for us. To once again be able to hear this talented lady, with angelic voices is a pure pleasure. She is outstanding.

Posting a picture of my preliminary complete collection of Agnetha's latest releases my own self-made cards.

Even Steinar