Benny Anderssons orkester (aka BAO aka Benny Andersson Band) is a Swedish band, with Benny Andersson as musical leader and composer. The band was formed in mid-2001 by 16 people, some from Orsa Spelmän, and Helen Sjöholm and since 2004 Tommy Körberg as singers. The name literally means Benny Andersson's Orchestra or The Benny Andersson Orchestra.

BAO includes some of Sweden's most experienced contemporary and folk musicians:

¥     Benny Andersson - accordion, piano, synclavier, etc.

¥     Göran Arnberg - pipe organ, spinet

¥     Janne Bengtson - flute, piccolo, crumhorn, baritone saxophone

¥     Pär Grebacken - saxophones, clarinet, recorder, piccolo

¥     Leif Göras - violin, cello, mandolin

¥     Nicke (Nils-Erik) Göthe - violin, mandolin

¥     Jogga (Jan-Anders) Ernlund - contrabass

¥     Calle Jakobsson - tuba, bassoon

¥     Leffe Lindvall - trumpet, cornet

¥     Kalle Moraeus - violin, zither, guitar, banjo, etc.

¥     Olle Moraeus - violin, viola, mandolin

¥     Perra (Per-Erik) Moraeus - violin, mandolin, saxophone

¥     Lars Rudolfsson - accordion

¥     Jörgen Stenberg - drums, percussion instruments

¥     Tommy Körberg - vocals, guitar


¥     Helen Sjöholm - vocals, originally chosen as a backup singer, but is now also considered a permanent member of the band

All members of the band are occupied in external capacities during the majority of the year, some in the theater orchestras in Stockholm. The brothers Moraeus, Leif Göras and Nicke Göthe play together in Orsa Spelmän. During the summers the members of BAO meet up and rehearse, and then go out on mini-tours, to which tickets are highly sought after. The concept of these tours are “A concert with dance,”ull Ó so a dance floor is brought along. Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm together perform the vocals for the non-instrumental songs.