•     ABBA won the sort of adulation previously reserved for the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, by the end of 1979 their singles had spent over one hundred and sixty weeks in the UK charts alone.

     •     ABBA had eighteen consecutive top ten singles and nine number one hits in the UK.

     •     The single Waterloo made Number ten in the American Charts where the Eurovision song Contest does not count for anything.

     •     Dancing Queen was released on the 6th August 1976 and reached number one on the 4th September and stayed there for six consecutive weeks.

     •     Dancing Queen and Fernando spent a total of Sixteen weeks in the charts in 1976,more than 150,000 copies were sold in Sweden alone.

     •     Benny and Bjorn never wrote there music down on Paper.

     •     The first ABBA fan club was located in Australia.

     •     ABBA the Movie had an unlimited budget.

     •     The songs Happy Hawaii and Why did it have to be me are the same tunes except they have different words and musical arrangements.

     •     During the 1977 tour journalists were speechless when 3.5 million ticket applications came in for two concerts at the Albert Hall in London. 

     •     By August 1977 Polar Music was described as the most profitable corporation in Sweden with a turnover of more than twelve million dollars and an estimated profit for 1977 of £4.000.000.

     •     Polar Music Stockholm office walls were decorated with original paintings from the likes of Picasso and Miro among others and well over one hundred gold and Platinum discs reflecting ABBA`s world wide status.

State of the art Studio

     •     The Polar music studios were opened on the 18th May 1978 ,with forty eight track capability and just about every recording sophistication ever invented, the cream of Swedish show business and record producers attended to be shown around by Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Ani-Frid and Michael B Tretow, they were treated to a complete tour of the Studio which was the most advanced in Europe.

     •     Frida's first solo album was produced by Phil Collins.

     •     The Groups last official appearance on the 18th of January 1986

         Frida Finds her Father

     •     1978 important news for Frida newspaper articles had discovered and printed articles concerning her child hood and the story of a German soldier who was said to have deserted her Mother, and was also thought to have died when returning home from Germany when the ship sank.
The story appeared in a German Magazine and was read by Andrea Buchinger an ABBA fan who recognised the name Alfred Haase, she had a uncle of that name and knew that she had an uncle of that name and that he had spent time in Norway during the war, she phoned her cousin Peter and asked he father if he had ever heard of Syni Lyngstad,it soon became apparent that Alfred Haase was indeed Anni -Frid Lygnstad`s father ,a Reunion followed.

A Platinum Album !!

     •     Weeks before ABBA the Album was released it was certain to be ABBA`s biggest UK success as advance orders exceeded £1.000.000 guaranteeing it immediate platinum status , it entered the chart at number one and remained there for nine weeks.

     •     ABBA the Movie premiered on February 16th 1978 at London's Warner West End Cinema.

     •     ABBA together with their musicians and technical people travelled throughout Australia in a Boeing 727, the 30 or so tons of cargo had been transported to Australia in three Hercules planes.

     •     In Sweden children doing newspaper rounds were given a Gold flexi disk called ABBA live 77 for Christmas , it featured five tracks from various concerts including Waterloo, Fernando, Money Money Money, Rock me ,and Why did it have to be me another great idea from Polar Music.

     •     ABBA made no financial profit from the Australian tour.

     •     When ABBA made there first appearance in Australia at the Sydney Showground Arena it was pouring with rain, over 20,000 people turned out to see them perform during the song Waterloo Anni-Frid slipped on the wet stage and found herself sitting on her bottom.


     •     Every single day approximately 3300 ABBA records are sold from record stores around the World.


     •     Since the first half of the Seventies that over 280 million ABBA CDs records and tapes have been sold.