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Welcome to the ABBA Experience Photo Albums. Here you will find may of your favorite photos of ABBA and the Individual  members as well as ABBA related content.

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I attended a Party at the TATE Modern Gallery in London on Monday night, this was to celebrate 40 Years of ABBA winning the Eurovision Song contest with Waterloo in 1974.

The Interior of the building which used to be a Power station was incredible, and along with stunning music & lighting and some of the most high resolution photos I have seen of the Group made for a total visual experience.

Bjorn and Frida were presented with a book which contains over 400 photos from the last 40 years

These were very difficult shots to take as the lighting was unusual, however this was a great event to mark ABBAs 40 anniversary! Enjoy Vince

Abba's Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus were among the famous faces who gathered at the Royal Opera House in central London on Sunday for the Olivier Awards.

The duo were invited to perform at the event alongside the London cast of Mamma Mia! - to celebrate the musical's 15 years in the West End.

They performed a mini version of thankyou for the Music and let the cast of Mamma Mia take to the floor, what a great ending to the Olivier awards.